AI-Driven Forecasting

Power your future

Leverage AI-powered forecasting to
anticipate customer demand.

Welcome to next-gen workforce management.

LIFELENZ customers experience 20-50% greater forecasting accuracy as a result of our AI-powered forecasts.

Our unique algorithms leverage years of historical sales and labor data as well as weather, events, promotions, holidays and holiday shoulder periods down to 15-minute increments.

Make forecast changes and re-optimize labor projections swiftly and on the fly. We aim to keep your business healthy and strong. 

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Lock in labor forecasts with confidence

LIFELENZ leverages AI learning to generate new forecasts daily to keep up with changing labor demand. Our platform lets managers submit/lock a forecast for approval, enabling your team to build schedules immediately.

Adjust sales forecasts quickly.

LIFELENZ generates accurate forecasts 3-4 weeks in advance using up to three years of historical data and current weather patterns, local events, holidays, sales patterns, and numerous other factors. Our platform allows managers to adjust forecasted sales/transactions in various ways, such as daily or hourly. Once changed, the labor hours will update to reflect the new forecasts and meet the updated demand for each position within your location.

Forecast adjustment screen

Create automated, optimized schedules with one click.

Automate forecasting and scheduling tasks with the click of a button. Our industry-leading approach to Automated Optimized Scheduling (AOS) determines the following:

  • The right people
  • In the right roles
  • At the right time
  • At the optimized service levels
  • At the right labor cost for you to operate profitably

The best schedules for your team are generated based on more accurate forecasts, availability, skills, individual ratings, and legal compliance rules that meet your business metrics. 

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