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Consent and Audit Framework

Capturing consent is easy

LIFELENZ consent framework enables accurate recording of changes to scheduled shifts and time clock entries. Managers can easily track change request responses from both web & mobile apps and capture employee consent via the employee app or time clock.

The LIFELENZ consent framework operates in accordance with applicable local, state and federal laws to ensure your business remains compliant and audit ready.


Compliance is at our core

By monitoring and automating compliance LIFELENZ makes it easy for businesses to adhere to complex employment and labor laws.

Compliance features enable managers to quickly understand the implications of schedule changes and make educated decisions in line with business goals.

Managers can easily monitor the estimated cost of compliance with pre & post publish warnings.

Time Clock
Avoid costly on shift schedule changes with real-time shift running warnings and consent requests.

Timekeeping & Payroll
Stay up to date with premium payments and penalties by reviewing summaries in timekeeping and approving payments in payroll.

Employee Mobile App
Employees are empowered to respond to change request notifications and send responses accordingly. Good Faith Estimates are supported.

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Compliance dialog

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