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Software to manage people, not paper.


Continuous WFM innovation

Simplify HR tasks and streamline your workflow. LIFELENZ is an all-in-one platform for People Management and can be used stand alone or integrated with existing HR and onboarding platforms.

Manage employee's availability, training and pay, as well as roles & skill levels, security permissions and much, much more.

LIFELENZ evolves with the demands of your ever-changing workforce, providing continuous innovation in Workforce Management.


Streamlined Setup

LIFELENZ integrates with your existing hiring system to streamline the onboarding of new hires. Managers can provide required employment and personal details along with availability data via an easy to use wizard. The Hiring feature makes it simple to track the progress of new hires and to finalize their onboarding to LIFELENZ.


Increase employee satisfaction

Reduce scheduling errors and improve employee satisfaction with the LIFELENZ employee availability & time off features.

Employees can easily submit changes to their availability and create time-off requests via the mobile app and receive notifications with manager responses.

Managers can also update employee availability & time off and view employee-requested changes from the same screen.

Ensuring that the right staff are scheduled at the right times can improve employee satisfaction and reduce the risk of scheduling conflicts.


Promoting positive & respectful culture

Increase employee engagement and retention with LIFELENZ employee commendations. Recognize and reward your team for their contributions and watch your team thrive.

Promote a positive and respectful work culture via disciplinary actions. Manage employee infractions and incidents with fairness and transparency.

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4% reduction in labor costs immediately upon turning LIFELENZ on.

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