AUTOMATED Scheduling & timekeeping

Simple. Powerful.

Automate time keeping and optimize scheduling to meet your business goals.


Simple, powerful scheduling built for speed, accuracy, and compliance.

Get creative with scheduling. LIFELENZ offers advanced options for sorting and filtering views. Schedule the way you want, in week or day parts. Quickly fill breaks or balance forecast versus scheduled hours. Reduce repetitive tasks with templates, including shift templates or weekly schedules.

Our robust features include:

  • warnings & notifications
  • the ability to copy shifts, days or weeks
  • auto post
  • drag/drop
  • offer to all, offer in-sequence
  • fixed shifts or regular schedules
  • consent framework and more.

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LIFELENZ AI delivers me near-perfect schedules.

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Time Clock

Track time from anywhere, prevent timesheet errors and run payroll in minutes.

LIFELENZ time clock runs seamlessly with schedules, timekeeping, and mobile apps embedded with labor laws, notifications and warnings.

  • Adjust punches
  • Capture clock/schedule inconsistencies
  • Print time punches
  • Select language preference
  • Record manager/employee approvals and consent
  • Multi-location for seamless shift transitions and visibility (IOS, Android, Windows)


Make timekeeping a breeze.

LIFELENZ software puts you in control of employee timekeeping.

  • Managers can audit time, edit punches, and review and approve payments on the fly, from anywhere using any browser.
  • Notify employees of changes to time punches, providing closed-loop visibility and accountability.
Time Clock Adjustment notification stylized.
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Easiest, quickest pay run in five years, no adjustments needed, never had so much free time on payroll run day — AMAZING!

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Turn hard-to-staff shifts into desirable pay opportunities for employees.

Take advantage of the LIFELENZ shift differential feature.  Notify employees in real-time of enhanced pay opportunities, pre-define rates and automate pay scheduling rules. It’s that simple.

Employees love our shift differential feature.
Differential Rate configuration screen, includes ability to select hourly rate add on, shift bonus, day part, day of week and role.
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Love being able to see my pending hours for the week and the hours I’ve completed. Helps me work out if I can pick up more shifts.

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Reach your workforce anytime, anywhere.


Check schedules, view projected earnings, adjust shifts, sync calendars and more.


View insights, get alerts and see your schedules & time clock, all from your mobile device.

Manager MODE

Sales & productivity data in your pocket.

LIFELENZ Mobile App enables managers to oversee their stores and make decisions directly from the mobile dashboard. Gauge performance from anywhere, with essential KPIs tracked by the hour, managers can make critical operating decisions on the go.

Switch between Manager & Employee Modes

Managers can easily switch between the Manager View to manage their store and the Employee view, where they can see their schedules, request time off, and access the general functionality.

Manage you business better with LIFELENZ Manager Dashboard. 
Weekly Insights and  Daily Activity Report (realtime) give managers an in depth understanding of performance based on the KPIs that matter.


Access employee's schedule

Employees will love accessing their schedules via our mobile App, where they can swap/drop shifts, submit days off, participate in chatrooms, track hours and stay informed of changes to time punches.  

Employees love our shift differential feature.Mobile shifts screen and availability calendar


No Device? No Problem.

Access all of the features & functionality of the LIFELENZ mobile app via an in-store tablet.

This feature ensures no personal information is stored on the shared device and requires user login upon entry.

Polygon shapeKiosk mode on ipad and tablet


Bring your team together, wherever they are.

Enable cross-team collaboration and engagement with LIFELENZ mobile app.  Teams can solve problems, celebrate achievements, and build excitement around new company initiatives. Create chatrooms. Monitor conversations. Disable or enable conversations between crew members.


Stay on budget and get payroll right.

LIFELENZ ensures you always comply with labor laws and premium pay (where applicable) through pre-built rules and approvals. Leverage our guided payroll experience to run payroll in minutes and integrate seamlessly with payroll providers. LIFELENZ Pay includes – miscellaneous pay, compliance pay, pay period review/approval (e.g. open punches, unresolved punches, invalid costs, time off and summary) and pay period approvals.

Pay period screen

Discover a more efficient way of working.

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