Abbie Bys

VP - Product

Abbie Bys is a seasoned product professional with extensive experience in developing and managing SaaS B2B platforms, particularly in the healthcare sector. She has a proven track record of providing healthcare providers with the tools to unlock valuable insights from Big Data, including purchase order histories and electronic health records.Most recently, Abbie served as the Executive Director of Product Management & Data Strategy at GHX, where she led the development of a SaaS app with multiple external services and internal platforms. She successfully launched a primary revenue-driving product, advancing it through the patent process and advocating for continuous customer feedback integration.Before GHX, Abbie was the Director of Product Development at Label Insight, Inc., where she managed the execution of a SaaS platform, addressed user pain points, and accelerated business growth. She expanded market share and revenue by pivoting products to meet diverse user needs and improved customer onboarding efficiency by 20% through standardized workflows and enhanced communication.Abbie’s career also includes significant roles at Analyte Media, where she managed multiple projects for a growing healthcare technology start-up, and at Integrated DNA Technologies, where she provided technical support and recommendations for genetic research.Abbie began her career with a strong foundation in community economic development as a Peace Corps volunteer, where she developed community-based programs to increase family incomes and sustainable practices.Abbie holds a BME in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Iowa and is a Certified Scrum Master. She is fluent in Spanish and has been recognized for her ability to lead cross-functional teams, develop strategic product roadmaps, and ensure alignment and buy-in from key stakeholders.Abbie currently resides in the Greater Chicago Area.