Michael Svilar

Advisor to CEO

Michael is responsible for the development of the analytical solutions, for example the ML/AI based forecasts and labor requirements, and Automated Optimized Scheduling inside of the LIFELENZ platform, and the analytical strategies focused on driving value for our clients.                                                                          

Michael was the Global Data Science lead for Accenture where he built a team of 1500+ data scientists across 15 countries including 6 Data Science Innovation Centers, prior to joining LIFELENZ.  Before that, Michael was the Global Marketing Analytics Lead at Accenture, analyzing and optimizing over $14B in marketing spend annually for clients leveraging a Marketing Analytics Platform that was built collaborating with Dr. Kirkby.                                                    

Professionally, Michael enjoys driving value for clients through the use of advanced analytics.  Personally, he enjoys his time spent with his family, hiking with his dogs in the mountains, reading political philosophy, and traveling.