Tigran Markaryan

VP - Analytics

Tigran is responsible for overseeingthe analytics team globally. The team uses and continuously enhancesstatistical, mathematical, and ML/AI techniques to generate accurate demandforecasts, produce labor projections and construct optimal schedules for allthe clients.

Tigran has 20+ years of experiencein analytic consulting and advanced analytics where he has combined data,quantitative analysis, and domain expertise to deliver significant value to theclients. Prior to joining LIFELENZ in 2021, Tigran held leadership andexecutive positions at MMA/Ipsos, Merkle and Accenture, focusing on demandforecasting, optimizing marketing investments, building decision support toolsand a variety of other business-analytic problems for clients globally andacross many verticals.  

Tigran is enthusiastic aboutlearning and teaching and is an Adjunct Faculty at GMU, where he has beenteaching several graduate-level courses in Probability and Statistics since2010.